Ways to Improve Patient Experience

Patient Engagement enhances the patient experience

Equipo’s Patient Engagement is the best tool for enhancing the patient experience and giving them satisfactory treatment.

An emerging trend is the increasing use of telehealth in healthcare for improving patient engagement. A white paper published by the Healthcare Intelligence Network in 2013 reported that the use of telehealth by healthcare organizations rose from 63% in 2015 to 74% in 2018.

Methods for Improving Patient Experience

To improve patient experience, it is important to focus on the needs of patients. Understanding their struggles and finding solutions are the basic approach to improving patient care. 

With the Equipo Platform providers can improve their patient care and enhance their experience. 

A patient engagement platform is the most preferred way to provide patient-centered care. It leads to an improvement in patient experience and turns regular patients into satisfied customers.  

Here are some of the ways to improve patient experience through patient engagement.

Personalizing the Patient’s Experience

With Patient engagement, Equipo has successfully managed to personalize the patient experience.  Patients want to be comfortable and their needs met during their interaction with doctors and healthcare providers. Personalizing patient care is one of the major changes in the healthcare industry over the years and resulted in significant positive changes. 

To make your patients involved in decision-making regarding their health is the key factor involved in patient engagement. Shared decision-making covers the communication gap between patients and providers and hence, leads to improved patient care. 

Online Scheduling

Booking appointments online provides flexibility to patients. There is an increasing dependence on digital capabilities for online bookings. According to a survey, in 2019, 68% of patients in the US are likely to book, change or cancel appointments online.

Online scheduling gives patients the comfort of booking an appointment from their homes. It saves not only their time but also their energy and the travel cost.

Timely reminders

A lot of times, patients forget their appointments. This not only impacts their health but also increases the no-show rate for the providers. 

Sending patients timely reminders and follow-up emails after their appointment are the approach all the health care providers are now accepting. 

Reminders and follow-up emails make the patient feel that their time is being valued, leading to an enhanced patient experience. Also, it reduces patient no-shows for the providers.

Patient Education

To improve the patient experience, it is necessary to treat patients as your customer. Make them feel involved by educating them about their health. When patients and providers work together, it leads to a positive outcome. 

The patient engagement platform by Equipo allows patients to get an in-depth detail about their health and are up to date with their condition. 

When a patient is equally involved in the treatment, they are more educated about their health and can take better care of themself. According to a study, patient engagement reduces patient readmission by 30%. 

Use of Telehealth devices

The word “telehealth” is being used more and more in the healthcare sector today. Telehealth devices reduce the time required for patients to be physically present with healthcare providers.

Telehealth is a system of virtual primary care that enables doctors and healthcare providers to deliver healthcare online for basic health issues. With telehealth devices, patients are well informed about their vitals and overall wellness. 

Using telehealth enables providers to get in-depth knowledge about patients’ daily health conditions, allowing them to give the best treatment. 

When a patient receives the best care centered around their needs, they feel satisfied. 

Equipo is continuously working towards improving the healthcare system by focusing on improving the patient experience.