How referral management is improving healthcare

Referral management systems are found everywhere, including healthcare. The Referral system has been proven to provide growth and stability to the healthcare system.

To put it simply, the referral system in healthcare is a link between primary care and specialists. When a patient’s condition gets critical and needs the care of a specialist, his primary care provider sends a referral to the specialist with all the necessary patient information. Referral management also exists between specialists.

Equipo’s referral management system is focused on providing ease and improving communication between primary caregiver and specialist. From keeping track of patient data to reducing lead leakage, the patient referral system has many benefits to offer to the healthcare system.

Here is how the referral management system is adding value to the healthcare system:

  • Easy access to online medical records 

With referral management systems, hospitals can digitize their care system. Saving patient information on paper and other necessary data is time-consuming and risky as there is always a fear of mismanagement and loss. Referral management provides a centralized system for storing, accessing, and managing inbound and outbound referrals in the form of online medical records. 

  • Reduced lead times 

Dead leads or unnecessary wait not only causes an inconvenience to the patient but also to the providers. A good referral management system avoids any kind of unnecessary wait, leading to shorter patient wait. When there’s a decrease in patient wait time, more patients can be provided the care needed. 

  • Enhancing patient experience 

One of the results of using a good referral management system is enhancing patients’ experience and providing them satisfaction. The referral system makes it easy to schedule appointments and helps in decreasing patient wait time. It collects and stores patient information and provides it to the specialist in time of need. Because of detailed and quick patient information, patients are provided with complete care leading to patient satisfaction.

  • Reducing revenue leakage 

Network leakage is one of the biggest problems experienced in healthcare because hospitals lose huge amounts of revenue. To avoid revenue leakage, it is recommended to improve the quality and efficiency of the healthcare system. Referral management systems are the best way you can do it. Because the system focuses on providing patient satisfaction and fiscal prosperity, referral management brings a positive impact in many areas of health care leading to an overall increase in quality and efficiency of the healthcare system. 

  • Improved patient access 

The referral management system is built considering the needs of patients as well. To get patient satisfaction, it is important to make the patient involved. Patient access is the way to increase patient care and satisfaction. With Equipo’s Referral Management Platform, patient access has been improved by improving completion rates.  Sending timely reminders is another way of improving patient access.  

These are some of the many ways in which Equipo’s referral management is bringing positive changes to the Healthcare system and not only benefiting the providers but also providing complete and timely care to the patients.