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Care Delivery Platform

Integrated Care Delivery Platform

Equipo’s vision is to simplify care delivery by empowering provider teams and patients through a care coordination platform.

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Our Clients

Guardian eHealth Solutions
Large Community Hospital
HDR Management Corp
Starling IPA
Nuvance Health
Morris Heights Health Center
181 Street
United Home Care
Brightpoint Medical
Urban Health Plan
Acacia Network
Boston Road Medical Center
Bronx United
Concourse Village Primary Care PLLC
Hudson Heights
Morris Park
My Mmorningstar
Grand Concourse
Community Health Foundation of Puerto Rico, Inc

Here's What Our Customers Say

HDR Care Network,NY

Equipo Platform helped us in transforming our fax and paper-based referral to a fully electronic one which helped us immensely during the pandemic. It provided us with an accountable solution that reduced the turnaround time of referrals with complete transparency.

Stepping Stone,NY

We have been able to setup a remote clinic using Equipo's Solutions. Patients in transition can feel very connected to their providers. They have access to PCPs, psychiatrists, health coaches and nutritionist all from a single platform.

CCN Primary Care,NY

Equipo's Care Coordination Platform has been able to seamlessly overlay health home workflows and engage patients in improving their health. Our care managers appreciate the time saved from fewer calls and no-show visits.


After we adopted Equipo Referral Management System, our productivity saw an increase by 38% with end to end transparency throughout the life cycle. Equipo helped us improve efficiency for us and our partners by reducing redundant faxing and calling.

Hudson Heights IPA,NY

Using Equipo Platform to overcome the hideous task of aligning quality measures was the best decision we have made. Now our care coordinators can close care gaps in a systematic way. Equipo makes it easy.

Community Health Foundation,Puerto Rico

COVID-19 presented many challenges in connecting with our patients. We implemented Equipo’s Telehealth Platform and it was immediately welcomed by our patients and practitioners. It is easy to use and is secure. I would recommend this platform for all practitioners as it is an effective and cost friendly solution.

Guardian Health,NY

Equipo’s RPM solution helps us in reducing unnecessary patient visits to the hospital by monitoring their health daily. Now patients have good access to quality care from home. We can also track the health of the patients and track progress using the trends presented by the platform.

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Large Community Hospital: Referral Management

Large Community Hospital is the largest voluntary, not-for-profit health and teaching hospital system serving...

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Value Based Care
New York City IPA: Value Based Care

Value based care is complex process. A true care model requires collaboration from every...

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Remote Patient Monitoring
Remote Patient Monitoring

Traditional care requires in-person visits. In contrast, remote monitoring programs...

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