Deliver Quality Care Anywhere, Anytime

Equipo enables care teams and patients to connect anytime. There is no hassle of long wait times. The platform connects the care provider and the patient face-to-face using phone, tablet or computer.

Equipo provides more accessible, convenient health care for patients and helps save on costs at the same time. This reduces problems like medication non-adherence, unnecessary ER visits, and makes typical visits more efficient.


Secure Messaging

Your patients can send secure messages to your team thereby enhancing communication which boosts patient satisfaction. This also helps in monitoring behavioral conditions like addiction, depression, family difficulties and more.

Secured messaging provides sharing of content and links, allowing providers to have meaningful conversations through sharing of reference material and care related instructions.


Task Tracking

You can assign tasks to your population. The tasks could be educational or instructional like Diabetes Dietary Plan, Exercise Tips for Adults Over 65, Tobacco Cessation Plan.

Patients can complete forms, assessments and surveys at their convenience. All responses are securely transmitted and documented under patient profile.

Equipo Advantage
Equipo Health

Utilize standard care plans and assessments or customize your own

Equipo Health

Manage resources and distribute workloads for care coordination activities

  • Quality program management and workflow automation
  • Insights from aggregated data - clinical, payor, pharmacy and device
  • Effective Task Management for multiple programs- Transition Care, CCM, RPM, Behavioral Health, Annual Wellness
  • Closing the gap on medication adherence
  • Community-based insights and outcomes
  • Rules driven alerts and reminders
  • Automated outreach workflows to drive efficiency
Equipo Health

Augment your existing EMR with KPIs and decision support

Equipo Health

Engage effectively with patients using reminders, secure message and telehealth

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