Impact of technology in chronic care management

Chronic Care Management provides continuous care through technology.

Technology has been the biggest tool in healthcare, which has positively impacted the healthcare system. 
Chronic care management codes have made the reimbursement procedure for Chronic Care provided to the patient simpler, and technology has played a big part in it.

Chronic Care Management is a platform influenced by technology to provide chronic patients with timely care without face-to-face interaction.

Technology and patient care management

Technology has made providing managed care to chronic patients simpler. It is also the reason behind the increased efficiency and revenue in Medicare. 

Equipo’s Chronic Care management software is built to provide maximum care to at-risk chronic patients requiring minimum hospital visits. 

With the help of the CCM program, providers can stay in the loop with each of their chronic patients. Staying up to date with patients everyday health vitals is necessary to provide them with the best managed care. 

Chronic Care Management platform follows the CCM guidelines and generates billing codes and reports as per the guidelines provided.

Chronic Care Management codes

The Chronic Care Management codes follow the CCM guidelines. A medical provider can file for reimbursement for patients with two or chronic illnesses lasting 12 months or more. 

The billing procedures for Chronic Care management is relatively easier as all the patient-provider interaction data is stored in the CCM platform. 

The providers don’t have to do manual billing or report generation with the Chronic Care Management software. 

Technology gives providers a platform to improve their practice and help chronic patients lead a life with improved health. 
Further advancement in technology will bring positive changes in Healthcare Delivery, leading to better and more managed care.