Rapid Reshaping of the Health System

Health Systems

We have witnessed how a virus disrupted the health system in just a matter of days. People were asked to stay indoors and skip visits to the hospital. Health workers had to risk their own health to provide care.

As the virus spread rapidly, an overwhelming number of people wanted immediate medical advice. This challenge was addressed to a great extent through tele-medicine where both the patient and the provider met without any risk to both, while providing timely advice and care.

The pandemic has exploded the demand for tele-health and rapidly brought digital health to the forefront. Hospitals and clinics had to scale up rapidly to adapt the new care delivery platforms and train their staff.

As wearable technology and electronic medical records gain popularity, critical care patients can safely monitor their health along with their provider from home. Analytics helps in creating personalized healthcare programs.

With healthcare adapting new technologies to deliver care, routine visits to the hospital with long waiting hours will be replaced by tele-medicine. This helps lower healthcare costs and will provide customized consumer experience. Digital health is definitely here to stay!