Remote Patient Monitoring

Cost Effective

At Equipo, we have redesigned the way health care is delivered using the power of technology. The potential benefit for patients and health providers includes productivity gain through reduced travel, increased accessibility to care, the cost-saving potential, and an opportunity to develop a domain of more sensitive services to the needs of a separate category of the population.

Remote Patient Monitoring

Self Managed

Improves patient behaviour by creating a system that promotes Patient Engagement and Accountability. Also provides patients with expanded levels of education, support and feedback.

Remote Patient Monitoring

Better access and assurance

By taping digital technology, Equipo connects the patients with providers. The patients could collect data on their health at different times and transmit them to their clinics or other providers. Patients get invaluable feelings of being under the watchful eye of someone who constantly cares for their health and well-being.

Health assistance to patients at home helps health providers reduce hospitalization costs and allows patients to stay in a more homely environment avoiding inconveniences for themselves and their families.

Health-related assistance at the home of the patients allows health providers to minimize hospitalization costs and enable patients to stay in a homely atmosphere averting inconvenience of themselves and the family.

Equipo Advantage
Equipo Health

Utilize standard care plans and assessments or customize your own

Equipo Health

Manage resources and distribute workloads for care coordination activities

  • Quality program management and workflow automation
  • Insights from aggregated data - clinical, payor, pharmacy and device
  • Effective Task Management for multiple programs- Transition Care, CCM, RPM, Behavioral Health, Annual Wellness
  • Closing the gap on medication adherence
  • Community-based insights and outcomes
  • Rules driven alerts and reminders
  • Automated outreach workflows to drive efficiency
  • Optimization of health resources
  • Connect clinicians with relevant patient data.
Equipo Health

Augment your existing EMR with KPIs and decision support

Equipo Health

Engage effectively with patients using reminders, secure message and telehealth

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