Referral Management

Digitize Referrals - Save Paper, Save Time!

Equipo referral platform connects community providers and creates a virtual care delivery network. Providers can stay updated on every referral - inbound or outbound.

Streamline order handling by assigning referrals to specific departments / specialties. Send, monitor, and track outbound referrals and receive notification of appointment status in real time. Send secure messages,share appointment details, dispatch patient instructions and review notes - all from a centralized board.

Referral Management

Reduce No-Shows and Prevent Network Leakage

Equipo’s Referral Management Platform provides highly efficient solution for managing referrals and simplifies the interaction between the Referrer and the Fulfiller. It significantly reduces the turnaround time and thus meets the time sensitive needs of the patients and their providers. The need for using different tools for communication can be eliminated by using the Equipo Platform. The platform aids in stopping referral leakages and improves operational efficiency.

Equipo Advantage
Equipo Health

Utilize standard care plans and assessments or customize your own

Equipo Health

Manage resources and distribute workloads for care coordination activities

  • Quality program management and workflow automation
  • Insights from aggregated data - clinical, payor, pharmacy and device
  • Effective Task Management for multiple programs- Transition Care, CCM, RPM, Behavioral Health, Annual Wellness
  • Closing the gap on medication adherence
  • Community-based insights and outcomes
  • Rules driven alerts and reminders
  • Automated outreach workflows to drive efficiency
Equipo Health

Augment your existing EMR with KPIs and decision support

Equipo Health

Engage effectively with patients using reminders, secure message and telehealth

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