Managing Your Population

Leapfrog to value-based payments or risk based contracts by managing your population with multiple measure sets - HEDIS, MIPS, DSRIP, ACO, PCMH etc.

Equipo dashboards provide breakdowns across multiple segments like conditions, age, gender, care gaps and much more. Trends can be quickly spotted, and interventions can be made effective. Fatigue and work overloads of your care teams can be reduced so they can spend quality time with patients.

Care Program
Roster/List Management

Roster/List management is fast and effective with multiple filters based on number of care gaps, number of conditions and visit timeframes. Care teams can document all outreach activities performed and the time spent. With this power list you can take care of your riskiest patients first and improve your compliance manifold.

Risk Payment Model
Manage ‘At Risk’ Payment Model

With ‘At Risk’ care model provider organizations are fully or partially accountable for the health outcomes of their patients. Equipo calculates individual risk in real-time when visits and assessments are completed by assigning a risk score to every patient that is based on data reflecting from vital health indicators, lifestyle and medical history.

Risk Stratification
Spot Trends

Compare yearly trends to identify missing diagnosis and hidden conditions in the patient pool. Equipo gives key insights for providers to run disease management programs using this comparison. The platform also matches risk with the levels of care required and allows for individualized treatment plans to lower risk.

Care Management Program
Care Management Program

Support patient self-management and activation using the Equipo Platform. This helps you to adopt motivational interviewing/goal setting through awareness of community resources and social support. Close coordination with the care team including Primary Care Practitioner, Integrated Health Therapist, Pharmacist, Social Worker and Specialty Providers results in quicker identification of gaps and thus helps in quicker intervention. You can also receive and review timely information on hospital and emergency department admissions.

Care Management Program
Results Oriented

Drive your organizational rating goals and ROI by utilizing Equipo’s one stop solution. Gain meaningful insights by combining multi-dimensional data from payors, pharmacy, community workers, case managers with your EHR data.

Remote Patient Monitoring
Cost Effective

Increase capacity and quality of care. Analytics based risk detection allows care managers to concentrate services on critical patients, thus increasing the number of patients that can be managed.

Remote Patient Monitoring
Self Managed

Improves patient behaviour by creating a system that promotes Patient Engagement and Accountability. Also provides patients with expanded levels of education, support and feedback.

Remote Patient Monitoring
Better Access and Assurance

Connects clinicians directly with relevant patient data. It makes their workday routines more efficient. Patients get invaluable assurance that someone is watching out for their health and well-being on a daily basis.

Referral Management
Digitize Referrals - Save Paper, Save Time!

Equipo referral platform connects community providers and creates a virtual care delivery network. Providers can stay updated on every referral - inbound or outbound.

Streamline order handling by assigning referrals to specific departments / specialties. Send, monitor, and track outbound referrals and receive notification of appointment status in real time. Send secure messages,share appointment details, dispatch patient instructions and review notes - all from a centralized board.

Referral Management
Reduce No-Shows and Prevent Network Leakage

Equipo’s Referral Management Platform provides highly efficient solution for managing referrals and simplifies the interaction between the Referrer and the Fulfiller. It significantly reduces the turnaround time and thus meets the time sensitive needs of the patients and their providers. The need for using different tools for communication can be eliminated by using the Equipo Platform. The platform aids in stopping referral leakages and improves operational efficiency.

Case Management
Manage Social Determinants of Health

Provide care management services to community partners aimed at reducing acute care spend through managing social determinants.

Member engagement service aimed at identifying and engaging difficult-to-reach members on behalf of a health plan. Centered around longitudinal case worker-patient relationship.

Case Management
Comprehensive Care Coordination

From customizable assessments and care plans that are in sync with CMS mandates and guidelines to alerts driven activity and task management for care teams and to role based reporting and activity tracking, Equipo's platform provides all. Intake of social statistics of patients and integration with their clinical data allows clinicians to identify care gaps and take action immediately.

Deliver Quality Care Anywhere, Anytime

Equipo enables care teams and patients to connect anytime. There is no hassle of long wait times. The platform connects the care provider and the patient face-to-face using phone, tablet or computer.

Equipo provides more accessible, convenient health care for patients and helps save on costs at the same time. This reduces problems like medication non-adherence, unnecessary ER visits, and makes typical visits more efficient.

Secure Messaging

Your patients can send secure messages to your team thereby enhancing communication which boosts patient satisfaction. This also helps in monitoring behavioral conditions like addiction, depression, family difficulties and more.

Secured messaging provides sharing of content and links, allowing providers to have meaningful conversations through sharing of reference material and care related instructions.

Task Tracking

You can assign tasks to your population. The tasks could be educational or instructional like Diabetes Dietary Plan, Exercise Tips for Adults Over 65, Tobacco Cessation Plan.

Patients can complete forms, assessments and surveys at their convenience. All responses are securely transmitted and documented under patient profile.

Patient Engagement
Achieve Better Health for Patients

Equipo integrates the whole care delivery system to help achieve value-based care model

Value-based care models focus on helping patients recover from illnesses and injuries more quickly and avoid chronic disease in the first place. As a result, patients face fewer doctor’s visits, medical tests, and procedures, and they spend less money on prescription medication as both near-term and long-term health improve.

Patient Engagement
Achieve Greater Patient Satisfaction

While providers may need to spend more time on new, prevention-based patient services, they will spend less time on chronic disease management.

In addition, providers are not placed at the financial risk that comes with capitated payment systems. Even for-profit providers, who can generate higher value per episode of care, stand to be rewarded under a value-based care model.

Equipo Advantage
Equipo Health

Utilize standard care plans and assessments or customize your own

Equipo Health

Manage resources and distribute workloads for care coordination activities

  • Quality program management and workflow automation
  • Insights from aggregated data - clinical, payor, pharmacy and device
  • Effective Task Management for multiple programs- Transition Care, CCM, RPM, Behavioral Health, Annual Wellness
  • Closing the gap on medication adherence
  • Community-based insights and outcomes
  • Rules driven alerts and reminders
  • Automated outreach workflows to drive efficiency
Equipo Health

Augment your existing EMR with KPIs and decision support

Equipo Health

Engage effectively with patients using reminders, secure message and telehealth

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