Care Management Program

Care Management Program

Support patient self-management and activation using the Equipo Platform. This helps you to adopt motivational interviewing/goal setting through awareness of community resources and social support. Close coordination with the care team including Primary Care Practitioner, Integrated Health Therapist, Pharmacist, Social Worker and Specialty Providers results in quicker identification of gaps and thus helps in quicker intervention. You can also receive and review timely information on hospital and emergency department admissions.

Results Oriented

Results Oriented

Drive your organizational rating goals and ROI by utilizing Equipo’s one stop solution. Gain meaningful insights by combining multi-dimensional data from payors, pharmacy, community workers, case managers with your EHR data.

Equipo Advantage
Equipo Health

Utilize standard care plans and assessments or customize your own

Equipo Health

Manage resources and distribute workloads for care coordination activities

  • Quality program management and workflow automation
  • Insights from aggregated data - clinical, payor, pharmacy and device
  • Effective Task Management for multiple programs- Transition Care, CCM, RPM, Behavioral Health, Annual Wellness
  • Closing the gap on medication adherence
  • Community-based insights and outcomes
  • Rules driven alerts and reminders
  • Automated outreach workflows to drive efficiency
Equipo Health

Augment your existing EMR with KPIs and decision support

Equipo Health

Engage effectively with patients using reminders, secure message and telehealth

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