How Population Health Management Programs Are Beneficial

Population health management is a crucial area in medical examinations involving different demographics. It helps determine and predict illness and medical disorders that will further help improve the quality of treatment provided. Equipo helps this sector with it’s software devices making it easier for the care providers to keep track of changes in the health of different demographics 

 What is population health management?

Population health management can be defined as a culmination of programs that analyze collected health data from patients in order to study and plan their recovery. The results obtained from these programs help care providers assign the required treatment and plan the financial expenditure. Often referred to as PHM programs, these employ the use of business intelligence tools to oversee and aggregate data in order to provide detailed medical assessment of every patient. An effective PHM program is crucial for medical personnel, health-care organizations and care providers.

Equipo’ s Population Health Management service helps connect all areas of patient care, making the process hassle-free for the care providers as well as the patients.

What is Equipo’ s Population Health Management Tool?

Equipo implements its Population Health Management Tool to provide detailed insight of population health management analytics. This technology emphasises more on optimizing value-based performance which in turn results in improved numbers. Thus, ensuring a formidable ground to secure the process of population care management. And eventually with financial improvement and better patient engagement, clinical proficiency is achieved. 

How does Equipo’ s Population Health Management service function?

  1. Connecting all dimensions of patient care –  PHM enables providers to define patient population segments using multiple dimensions like chronic conditions, risks, costs, care gaps, medications, devices, specialists, hospitalizations, recent surgeries, visit histories and more.
  2. Visibility into how well patient populations are managed – Rapidly identify opportunities to improve service delivery to patients and stay focused on optimizing value-based performance.

What are Equipo’ s core PHM Services?

·        Risk StratificationEquipo’ s Risk Analytics regulates risk trends which are anomalies in risk scores. These anomalies will help care providers to assess the care quality better than the discrete RAF scoring

Moreover, Equipo allows pairing risk with other medical, demographic and sociological patient dimensions which enables care providers better patient triage and task prioritization in care management.

Thus, with such effective and consistent data evaluation, Equipo ensures a better care quality for the patient population.

·        Referral ManagementEquipo enables Digitized Face Sheets which streamline and standardize all relevant patient information for thorough, easy communication and circulation among different care providers.

Also, Equipo enables a central workboard for referral orders which efficiently organizes orders, pre-requisites, documents by referring physicians, service types and priority, thus making the patient referral a hassle-free process for care providers. 

Thus Equipo ensures the finest care conveyance of patient health records between providers.

·        Roster ManagementEquipo enables a centralized visibility and management of new patient list which integrates payers and consolidates their patients list into a single, centralized dashboard for a simplified patient management experience.

By highlighting patient risk progression, care gaps and previous interventions, Equipo helps care providers zero-in on patient advancement and identify the required services for new patients.

By fusing the data into a single portal, Equipo allows list retrieval and reconciliation to be more resourceful.

·        Patient EngagementEquipo enables flexible orchestration of automated outreach to cohorts defined by specific characteristics and provides end-to-end support that follows through the patient’s recovery while targeting communications based on patients’ adherence to prescribed activities through integrated applications.

Equipo  provides its smart engagement tool for care managers that wires feedback from patients to care workflows in order to close care gaps and increase work efficiency among care coordinators.

Thus, Equipo handles all the IT related services making sure care providers only need to emphasize on consistent patient care.

·        Care ManagementEquipo helps in effective case-load management wherein, quality care with optimized health and risk assessment (HRA) and history and physical reviews (H&P) along with progress notes.

 Equipo enables seamless review and transition to care managers through centralized hosting of call, sign out and progress notes. The progress notes provide access to view all activities retiled to patient care which ensure smooth transfer across care teams.

Equipo provides advanced schedule management tools and cloud-based application in order to promote better resource allocation and reduced redundancies in care provision. 

Thus, allowing care teams to manage cases in multiple settings – from hospital in-patient census, skilled nursing facility roster or caseworkers visiting patients at their homes.

  Implementing the services provided by Equipo can result in:

  1. 22% Reduction in Care Gaps
  2. 24% Overall Cost Savings
  3. 16% Increase in Visits
  4. 90% Adherence in Transition Care

Equipo collects, combines, analyses and shares relevant data that impacts patient’s health to and for the care managers and health organisations using a system of techniques and integrated applications. These systems, when implemented, enable Equipo to monitor patients and their recovery by collecting detailed data and feedback consistently.With Equipo care providers and health-care organizations can process practical care plans which are specifically suited to a patient’s needs and are easy to implement. Eventually, positive outcomes shall be achieved.