Equipo’s 5th Anniversary: Celebrating the Past, Creating the Future


Anniversaries are the most exciting events in the course of a company. They signify the growth, the impact and the numerous achievements over years of hard work. However, for Equipo, the emotions and excitement are five-fold because we just celebrated our 5th year anniversary! Try to keep up as we take you through the gripping events and the extraordinary journey of care delivery.

As we pondered over the extraordinary journey extending for over 60 months, 260 weeks, or 1,825 days, we looked back on our accomplishments – enriching collaborations with over 15,000 partner providers and over 2,500 referring providers. Together, we were able to deliver care to more than 2,00,000 patients, and we are grateful for the opportunity.

The anniversary celebration went on for a whole weekend. The inauguration ceremony took place on 14 May 2022, while the event for foundation day was celebrated on 15 May 2022. Let us now take you through all the merriment and the shared experiences!

Inauguration Day

On Saturday, the inauguration began with the traditional ribbon-cutting of our brand new office space. The honors were done by our first group of employees who believed in the idea of Equipo –  Mr. Praveen K G – V P Product & India Head, Mr. Dibyendu DasProduct SME Security & Compliance, and Mr. Gyaneshwar VC – Principal Data Architect. Stepping into the new office space was a surreal moment for all of us. We all realized how far we had come and surely were excited to move forward.

Shortly after that, the lamp-lighting ceremony took place. The honors were done by our respected Mr. Parijat Bhattacharjee – Founder and CEO -, along with Mr. Praveen K G –V P Product & India Head, Ms. Fincy Yousuff –  V P Growth, Tonia Lawrence –Manager HR, and Mr. Ajay Jose –Director of Dotspace . As these inspiring people were performing the ceremony, we all expressed our gratitude and cherished the opportunities to improve the lives of people.

Finally, we cut the celebratory cake while the cameras all across the room were storing happy memories! We laughed and reminisced about the growth of Equipo. Our journey together truly brought us joy, and we all knew that we were serving a cause that is greater than ourselves. 

We concluded the inauguration ceremony by creating the “Wall of Hands,” where we collected the handprints of each and every member who was hands-on in the foundation and the growth of Equipo. The wall shall symbolize the effort and commitment that keeps inspiring the team and everyone taking part in our journey.

Foundation Day

Exploring the foundation

On Sunday, our beloved Tonia Lawrence –Manager, HR, delivered a welcoming introduction that kick-started the celebration of Equipo’s foundation day!

With all grateful hearts, we were ready to witness history. Our inspiring Mr. Parijat Bhattacharjee, Founder, and CEO, Equipo Health along with Mr. Praveen K G- V P Product & India Head & Mr. Gyaneshwar VC- Principal Data Architect, who provided constant support, took to the stage and shared with us – how it all began for Equipo!

Mr. Parijat Bhattacharjee explained how the idea behind Equipo developed and how it simplified healthcare. Then, Mr. Praveen K G elaborated on how Equipo evolved as a product along with the services we are providing and how the team developed over the years. Lastly, Mr. Gyaneshwar VC described how Equipo provides exposure to its employees to grow and how it forms the perfect environment to learn and flourish.

It was astounding to learn that the journey of Equipo began with the idea of one man. Eventually, with the support of his trusted colleagues, the company came into being. Our founder Mr. Parijat Bhattacharjee realized from his personal experiences how crucial it was to have consistent care for patients with chronic syndromes. And back then, constant care was an impossible dream. Patients relied on periodic care, and that did not result in a positive way all the time. 

However, with Equipo, this impossible dream transformed into reality. And we can proudly say that the team managed to catalyze the recovery of patients, prevented casualties, and enabled improvement in care delivery. 

It was an over-the-top experience witnessing such humongous figures who dedicated their work and commitment to creating something that benefits all mankind.

The pillars behind our success

As the event progressed, we got the opportunity to imbibe ourselves with some life-changing experiences shared by the five most prominent members of the team presently- Aswany V SProduct SME Delivery In-charge,  George Koshy Eapen- Product SME Quality In-charge, Dibyendu Das- Product SME In-charge, Fahad A- Product SME Referral In-charge – and Aswin KProduct SME Integrations and Data In-charge.

Their contribution to the growth of Equipo within the last 5 years is unparalleled. They are the “torch-bearers” of the mission of Equipo. They put their blood and sweat daily and took the company closest to how it was initially envisioned. Each of them took to the stage to share how this incredible journey has impacted them and how it changed their life for the better. 

Gratitude is our attitude.

Finally, it was time to express our immense gratitude to everyone who believed in Equipo and supported us constantly. We thanked our ever-gracious employees and their wonderful parents, who were a constant source of inspiration and motivation for our vision. 

It was hard for them to allow their family members to work during the Covid-19 pandemic. But their chivalrous attitude left us awestruck. They did not flinch for a moment when they knew that their sons and daughters were contributing to the health and welfare of people. With a joyous heart, the ceremony concluded with gifting neem saplings to the families as a symbol of good health and gratitude. 

The Future of Equipo

Our minds were uplifted, and our brains were fired up! At this prime moment, our beloved  Ms. Fincy YousuffVP of Growth, took to the stage to showcase the achievements of Equipo and announce some exciting news! 

Distribution of Awards

She announced the distribution of Awards for extraordinary achievement in work. With a loud round of applause, the winners were congratulated. Suja S V & Juby Abraham won the Extra Milers Awards, Kiran J B secured the award for Rising Star, and Fahad A secured the award for Rising Mentor. The awards were presented by our beloved Mr. Parijat Bhattacharjee – Founder and CEO of Equipo Health.

A long upgrade was overdue for the people who put their utmost effort into fortifying this company. So, shortly after the award distribution ceremony, Ms. Fincy Yousuff announced the designation changes for the core group along with the future plans for Equipo

Our growth and a glimpse into the future

A video showcasing the growth of Equipo was aired, where we saw statistical data that marked our popularity, growth, and brand trust. Presently, Equipo has 30 ambitious and hardworking employees who contribute to the growth and success of the company on a daily basis. They put forward their best foot to solve the challenges of workflow for everyone involved in care management.

Next, Ms. Fincy Yousuff announced that in the next 5 years, the team plans to improve Equipo’s services on every level. The improvements include a newly revised business model, extending our exposure to multinational clients and customers, devising a more customizable pricing model, tweaking our AI, and getting a new tagline as well!

A brand-new beginning

With great ambitions and even greater heights to achieve in the forthcoming future, we arrived at the day’s end. Finally, a musical event and a dinner after-party were hosted where we all celebrated the day unitedly and that marked the beginning of a brand new chapter in our journey with Equipo!