Combining Wellness Assessment and Quality Measures to bring improved results

While the importance of wellness assessment and quality measure is widely percepted, the results that these two medical strategies can bring about when applied together is significantly better. With the aid of Equipo, this is no more of a hassle.

Why Wellness Assessment and Quality Measures combined can bring improved results?

Wellness Assessment and Quality Measures are two sides of the same coin. It is only when these are implemented together, we can get the best results for every patient. Eventually, with the wellness surveys done regularly and with the insight self-care assessment, the patients shall exhibit their health and life functions improving. Since it is not possible for the care providers to account for each and every patient’s progress individually, a gap is created in the course of their recovery. Equipo helps bridge this gap through its Wellness Assessment service by ensuring firm management and thorough accounting of the collected data, making it easier for care providers to keep track of the health of their patients.

What does Equipo do?

Equipo helps achieve a reduction in the risk of illness and ensures thorough communication between the care providers and the patients.

Starting with regular wellness assessment, Equipo helps the care providers to keep track of patients progress and identify changes in their progress report. This ensures reduction in care gaps by a considerable extent. Thereafter Equipo suggests new care gap measures to secure the future of the patients. With the care gaps closed, the health of the patient exhibits signs of increased improvement. Thus, ensuring positive results for everyone.

What constitutes Wellness Assessment in Equipo?

Customised Cohort-Driven Wellness Programs:

Equipo is programmed to help segregate and organise patients on any given criteria, allowing the benefit managers to recognise patients who require customised support and check their medicare annual wellness visit requirements. Through this process, the patients also learn more about their special conditions through certain activities that check self-awareness and thus ensure their wellbeing.

Collaborative Wellness Management and Communication:

Equipo’s screening tools allows the care providers to assess patients across the seven dimensions of wellness, namely –

  1. Physical
  2. Emotional
  3. Intellectual
  4. Social
  5. Spiritual
  6. Environmental
  7. Occupational.

Equipo also enables reviewing medicare wellness exams and sharing progress with the providers consistently, cooperating with the care providers on medicare annual wellness visit requirements and much more. The interactive portals promote critical engagement and allow the patients to safely communicate with the care team for assistance, discomfort and query.

Calibrating for optimal wellness:

The Equipo Wellness application tracks patients’ progress over time. It examines the medicare wellness exam checklist for care providers to give them a more promising way to sight patients’ eagerness and ability to make better health decisions.

What are the facilities provided by Equipo in their Wellness Assessment service?

  1. Scalable care coordination for greater operational efficiencies that grow with your organisation
  2. Risk Stratification care Gaps, Cost Ratio Analysis and more
  3. Multi-source data integrations for longitudinal patient views (EMRs, Claims, Rx, etc.)
  4. Automated risk quantification, adherence monitoring, care gap identification and TCM
  5. Secure and cloud-based for centralised and accessible care management
  6. Customizable care-team dashboards with prioritised daily task lists
  7. Real-time monitoring and alerts to care-team members
  8. Bi-directional, automated and interactive patient reminders, follow-ups and adherence

With Equipo, care providers can drive organisational rating goals and ROI with our one-stop solution along with gaining genuine insights by combining multidimensional data from payers, pharmacies, community workers, care managers with  the collected EHR data,

Implementing the services provided by Equipo can result in:

  1. 22% Reduction in Care Gaps
  2. 17% Increase in Responses
  3. 24% Overall Cost Savings
  4. 18% Increase in Care Plan Enrollments

Equipo’s target is to enable healthy living, which requires stability and the persistent need to focus on diverse aspects of living healthily. From examining wellness questionnaires referring to a composed and healthy routine for our consumers to forming crucial quality measures, Equipo provides a systematic and effortless solution for the care providers for a successful wellness assessment.