How referral management is improving healthcare

Referral management systems are found everywhere, including healthcare. The Referral system has been proven to provide growth and stability to the healthcare system. To put it simply, the referral system in healthcare is a link between primary care and specialists. When a patient’s condition gets critical and needs the care of a specialist, his primary  Click Here to Read full article

Why Cybersecurity is important in healthcare?

What is cybersecurity in healthcare? Healthcare cybersecurity includes the shielding of electronic data and resources from unapproved access, use, and exposure. These data include e-prescriptions, remote patient monitoring records, EHR systems, radiology data, treatment decision support systems, and so on in hospitals and healthcare centers. Healthcare cybersecurity: Why is it necessary? According to healthcare cybersecurity  Click Here to Read full article

Referral Management System | Equipo

The relevance of Referral Management Solution There are many reasons why a referral management system is useful. The main goal of referral management solutions is to update and improve communication among primary care physicians, specialists, and healthcare providers involved in patient care. It ensures an intimate relationship among all health system branches and helps patients  Click Here to Read full article

COVID-19 Vaccination Program in the USA | Equipo

The Story so far SARS-CoV-2, a novel coronavirus, is on its unstoppable march bringing the planet to a grinding halt with a new variety of pandemic, COVID-19. The year has witnessed unprecedented life changes and chaos affecting more than 88 million people worlds over and nearly 2 million fatalities, says data from John Hopkins University.  Click Here to Read full article

Telemedicine and Digital Health – Future Trends | Equipo

In recent years the telehealth industry has expanded considerably. It helps telemedicine companies to analyze, evaluate, and virtually manage patients by using telecommunications. In the last decade, telemedicine has become one of the essential components of the American healthcare system. More than 60% of doctors and medical professionals are starting to gravitate to telemedicine systems,  Click Here to Read full article